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Twin Peak Landscaping
What is Aeration?
Aeration is the process of mechanically removing plugs of thatch and soil throughout the lawn to improve absorption of oxygen, water, and nutrients. The process is commonly referred to as core aeration in the lawn care industry. Both Spring and Fall are ideal times to aerate for our region.  
What are the Benefits?
  • Improves the health of the lawn by increasing air exchange in the soil. In effect, it allows your lawn to "breathe"
  • Improves drainage of the lawn and reduces puddling
  • Prepares the lawn for better absorption of nutrients, especially important to facilitate penetration before fertilizing and overseeding
Why ​is Aeration Important?
Heavy traffic compacts the soil and stresses the lawn. All lawns will benefit from aeration at least once annually. Lawns that are frequently used for play are subject to increased soil compaction. The process of aeration will reduce soil compaction and "exfoliate"  the lawn by decreasing the layer of dead organic tissues (thatch) that block grass roots from growing and multiplying.