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Twin Peak Landscaping

Twin Peak Landscaping offers both organic mulch (wood chips) and inorganic mulch (stones and landscaping fabric) services. Whether crafted by our experienced hands or designed to your specifications, you will be pleased with how a mulch project brings life to your garden beds.

Mulch offers a well-groomed appearance to flower and shrubbery beds. Different types and colors of mulch can be utilized to complement the plants. Different colored mulch can also bring out the hues in house siding or roof shingles. 

Beyond its aesthetic improvements mulch provides a variety of other benefits:

  • Maintains stable soil temperature by working as an insulator (keeping soil warmer during cool months and keeping soil cooler during warm months)
  • Sustains moisture by reducing the amount of soil water lost to evaporation
  • Discourages weed problems and makes gardens healthier