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Twin Peak Landscaping
Four Step Weed and Feed Program
Lawns require adequate nutrition to grow lush and healthy. A well-fed lawn has a stronger root system to withstand heat, drought, mowing, foot traffic and other stresses. Our four step weed and feed program will recover the health of your lawn and will gradually transform your lawn into a beautiful landscape.

1.  February -- April
After the dormancy of the winter months, lawns awaken hungry at the first sign of Spring. A Spring feeding strengthens and nourishes grass roots in preparation for the heavy growing season. Our Step One service provides a combination fertilizer with a pre-emergent to prevent crabgrass and build a thick, green lawn from the roots up.

2.  April -- June
In the height of Spring lawns encounter a considerable growth spurt; therefore, supplying lawns with a robust fertilizer concentrated with nutrients is essential to their health. Our Step Two service provides a combination broadleaf weed control and fertilizer ("weed and feed") in order to kill weeds and allow new turf to grow and replace weeded areas.

3.  June -- August
Amidst the summer months lawns require protection from insects, heat, and dry conditions. Our Step Three service controls all major turf grass insect problems and provides even greening without rapid, extreme growth. Lawns remain well-fed and are strengthened against summer heat and drought.

4. September -- November
Fall brings ideal conditions for lawns with cooler nights and ample rainfall. Our service experts believe that Step Four service is the single most important lawn feeding of the year. Lawns crave the necessary nutrients to recover from the damaging conditions of summer. Lawns experience another period of growth and begin to increase nitrogen storage before the dormant winter season returns. This feed prepares the lawn to grow healthier and more beautiful next year.